WriteResult Accelerates Access to ePRO Data in Diabetes Study

Monday, April 6th, 2015
Immediate data accessibility is only one of the benefits that Researchers from Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy are experiencing as they use myPROpad to collect data in a two-year trial to investigate a new care-paradigm for Diabetic patients. Principal Investigator Mary Wagner explains, "Traditionally we've used paper forms for collecting data from patients, which delays our ability to use the data quickly. Paper is also error-prone for multiple reasons. Data from paper needs to be retyped into a spreadsheet or other system to do analysis and these increases the risk of transcription errors. It also increases time to analysis as methods need to be placed to decrease transcription errors.”

Mary and her team have employed myPROpad to collect information from patients in this Nicholson Foundation funded study at several Henry J. Austin Health Centers the study for over 6 months with positive results. Seventy-two percent of participants found the iPad easy to use and the majority of patients (68%) preferred the iPad over paper with nearly the same percentage (63%) being naïve iPad users, demonstrating practically that the use of an iPad to collect PRO data provides a positive experience for Patients as well as the research team. Mary goes on to explain, “Because patients are not prompted to complete missed questions, they will miss questions or fill forms out incorrectly leading to gaps and anomalies in the data. Using a tablet to enter data is a huge benefit to us in both time and data quality. As soon as the patient completes their assessments the data is transmitted to our database so we avoid human-error in data entry and can see the forms and data online through a study portal."

myPROpad is a new type of ePRO platform developed by writeresult, a Cranford, New Jersey-based health-technology company, to collect information from patients in a clinical study. In this study, patients who qualify based on their medical history and bloodwork will complete several questionnaires and surveys intended help the researchers understand how diabetes is affecting his/her life and overall well-being. In addition, myPROpad is being used to collect medical history, and to present the patient with two surveys – one about satisfaction with his/her health care provider and one about the use of the iPad to collect data. Peter Oudheusden, President of writeresult comments, “Our objective is to improve health outcomes by replacing inefficient processes with tools that support better patient-physician interaction and streamline information workflow in the medical office. myPROpad is simple to use for any type of data collection, including eCOA/ePRO, so no additional burden is placed on a patient who is already impacted by their condition, and clinical focus remains on the patient’s care. We are very pleased to be able to offer Rutgers cleaner, faster, better data to support their research goals in Diabetes, and improving the outcomes for these patients.”

For more information on this and other ePRO solutions, please contact Karen Briegs at kbriegs@writeresult.com.