ePRO & eDiary solutions uniquely positioned to improve compliance and data quality through simplicity

writeresult is a specialty CRO with a singular focus - making the collection of ePRO/COA and diary data successful for sponsors by making it simple for sites and patients. Our digital writing solution combines the familiarity and ease of paper with the efficiency and data quality of EDC, and myPROpad™ takes advantage of the exceptional functionality and security of Apple's iPad and iPhone by transforming ePRO/COA instruments and patient-diary pages into large, crisp, user-friendly touchscreens. Couple this with our team of in-house clinical experts and you can be assured of complete, clean, ready-to-analyze data when and how you need it, every time. At writeresult, we believe in making the success of your program... simple.

Benefits at a Glance for:

Clinical Trial Managers

  • Rapid study startup
  • Accelerate database lock
  • An excellent ePRO solution
  • Meet timelines within budget
  • Minimize site and patient training
  • Intuitive for patients and sites

Data Managers

  • Complete data management support from
    DMP to Data Transfer
  • An excellent ePRO solution
  • Meet timelines within budget
  • Data uploads are automatic and effortless
  • Access document images anytime, anywhere
  • Data transfers in multiple formats

Sourcing Managers

  • Share pens between multiple trials
  • Lower your costs with industry proven technology
  • An excellent ePRO solution
  • Accelerate database lock
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