WriteResult Announces Availability of ADDQoL on the myPROpad Platform

Monday, April 20th, 2015
writeresult, in collaboration with researchers from Rutgers University, has completed the conversion and testing of yet another exceptional PRO assessment from a traditional paper format to function on its myPROpad touchscreen iPad-based ePRO platform. The Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of Life (ADDQoL) was developed in the early 1990s by Clare Bradley PhD, Professor of Health Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. The assessment has been well-established through use in academic and pharmaceutical clinical trials to provide an individualized measure of the impact of diabetes on quality of life in an adult population. The latest ADDQoL includes two overview items and 19 domain-specific items which are in two parts to assess the impact of diabetes on aspects of life such as enjoyment of leisure activities, and the importance of that aspect of life to the patient’s quality of life. There are several locations where patients are expected to skip an item which they have indicated is not applicable to them which is facilitated by myPROpad. Based on their responses, patients will be quickly directed to their next relevant question, bypassing those questions that don’t apply to them. The ability to provide patients with this level of navigation makes questionnaire completion convenient for patients, and since they are prevented from entering information where it is not required, there are no data conflicts possible which makes data cleaning easy for data managers as well.

Karen Briegs, VP of Marketing for writeresult comments, “The savings that a company can achieve by not having to key patient data into the database is significant, and the improvement in data quality gained through the elimination of human error is likewise a great benefit. Couple this with the simplicity of myPROpad for the patients and the research centers and this is all around a winning situation.”

Data from a post-test patient survey showed a high approval rating with the majority of patients scoring myPROpad very high in simplicity, user comfort level, and ease of use – even those who had not used an iPad before. All participants involved in the testing wanted to use myPROpad again and also reported strongly positive attitudes toward the importance of the research itself because of the use of the iPad to collect their data. This perspective should be further examined as patient perception about the importance of research could influence their behavior in longitudinal studies and improve both compliance and retention. The myPROpad touchscreen version of the ADDQoL was assessed by the collaborators as equivalent to paper.

Click here to view the case study.

Contact writeresult for more information about any of the assessments available on their ePRO platforms by emailing info@writeresult.com or, for further information on the ADDQoL, contact jg@healthpsychologyresearch.com citing this article.