WriteResult Brings Electronic Diary of the Future to Reality on the iPhone

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
writeresult, a premier provider of ePRO technologies and services, is now offering its clients a hand-held version of the myPROpad solution running on an Apple iPhone®. The myPROpad Diary combines traditional diary screens and patient engagement tools with innovative capabilities, such as bar-code scanning and integration with third party applications. Centralizing multiple aspects of the trial on one device maximizes its utility, and reduces overall data collection cost and complexity while simplifying study operations.

In a recent Diabetes study conducted by a Top 5 Global Pharma, patients used the myPROpad Diary to self-report compliance with touch-screen entry and bar-code data collection. Patients were reminded of their study obligations through the use of built-in audio and visual notifications. In addition, a third-party SMS messaging solution was employed to communicate with patients in real-time. "Overall it was a great diary experience for my team and for my patients", commented one of the Site Study Managers. “Many of the subjects were familiar in some way with Apple devices, so training was almost redundant and patients weren't intimidated like they can be with other devices. The color coded event list was also really intuitive - if an activity was green it was time to do it! The patient was put right into the screen they had to fill out instead of having to use menus like other devices we’ve used in the past.”

writeresult President Peter Oudheusden states, “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Sponsors yet another tool to simplify patient-driven data collection. The ability to capture complex data from bar codes and to support integration with third party vendors for such things as SMS reminders makes study execution much easier than ever before for Sites and, most importantly, for the Patients we are all here to serve.”

For more information on this and other ePRO solutions, please contact Karen Briegs at kbriegs@writeresult.com.

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