iPads & iPhones improve the Patient and Site experience, driving increased compliance and better data quality — a complete solution

myPROpad™ addresses the unique challenges of collecting valid and complete outcomes and diary data by focusing on simplicity to drive site and patient compliance. We've leveraged all of the strengths of the iPad and iPhone - sleek design, easy operation, industry-leading software, and world class security controls - and applied our years of experience as a specialty CRO to develop a platform that is easy to implement, easy to use, and provides immediate access to completed forms for real-time data review. The iPad's large workspace allows standardized or custom instruments to be converted into high-resolution touchscreens that remain consistent with their original formats - avoiding costly, time consuming equivalency testing - and the iPhone is familiar and unobtrusive. Data transmits automatically over a Wi-Fi or 3G/Cellular network so normal study workflow is uninterrupted and data is instantly available to the study team.

Easy Implementation

  • Rapid Startup - PRO/Diary screens are ready for IRB or translation in days and changes are just as easy
  • No Inventory Overhead - Devices are leased to you and fully managed by writeresult
  • Global Logistics - Devices ship from depots worldwide, sites are ready to go on your schedule

Easy to Use

  • Familiar – iPads remains the most popular single devices for tablet computing with consumers and are preferred within the Healthcare industry – 75% of physicians own or plan to own an iPad, with many already iPhone users
  • Site Simple – iPhone or iPad and a charging cable are the only equipment required on site
  • No Menus, No stylus – Crisp touchscreens show patients what is due so compliance is easy for patients of all ages and abilities

Immediate Access to Data

  • Real Time – PDF images of completed forms display within seconds of transmission for view by sites and CRAs, and full data extracts are available on-demand to facilitate reporting and preliminary analysis
  • Seamless Uploads – Data transfers automatically as site personnel and patients complete their entries
  • Site Console – Master control portal for patient and data management accessible anytime, anywhere