Reliable, Clean, Quality Data - The writeresult

The success of the clinical trial is reliant on the integrity of the patient data. Your experienced writeresult Project Manager oversees all procedures and aspects of your clinical trial data collection and data management to ensure the data in the repository are reliable, clean and of the highest quality. Our Clinical Data Management procedures are designed and managed by clinical study professionals with a wealth of pharma experience. The writeresult process eliminates unwanted surprises or errors, and provides immediate service and technology flexibility to keep your trial on track and cost effective.

  • All planning, including a customized Data Management Plan (DMP) is tailored the specific needs of the project
  • Comprehensive SOPs are followed to Maintain High Quality Data
  • Quality Control and testing is present for each aspect of data collection, management and transfer
  • Data Verification and Customized Edit Checks are Executed Continuously on the Data
  • Query Management & Discrepancy Resolution are Timely and Accurate
  • Data Reconciliation & Quality Control Precede Every Final Data Transfer
  • Ready-For-Analysis Data is Delivered to Meet Your Database Lock Targets