writeresult: The Right Solution for ePRO

The proven field-tested technology and processes at the heart of the writeresult clinical data solution empower Sponsors and CROs to reduce their study-start-up to database-lock cycle time, while increasing PRO data quality, employee productivity, and overall trial efficacy.

The writeresult system employs the simplicity of paper-based forms to capture patient data using cutting edge digital pen technology enabled by Anoto® Digital Pen and Paper Technology and the EDW® Platform Powered by Expedata®. An effortless, no-click software program securely transfers the digitized data to the writeresult data management system in real time.

The patient’s handwriting on the forms is automatically interpreted by optical character recognition (OCR); eliminating labor-intensive, manual data-entry processes. Clinical data is human verified, reviewed and continuously cleaned, with regular, transparent progress reports to the clinical trial team.

The form image files are stored in a secure, web-accessible Documentum workspace and are backed by its corresponding paper source documents. Each printed page has a unique identifier, ensuring data integrity and complete traceability, and is handled at the site utilizing the same principles of GCP that have guided clinical research for so many years.

This time- and cost-saving solution has successfully empowered multiple clinical trials implemented at hundreds of clinical sites around the world. Let us show you how writeresult is the right solution for your ePRO needs.