Smart PROs that Put the Power in Paper

Utilizing Anoto® Digital Pen and Paper Technology digital paper works in combination with the digital pen as the basis of the writeresult clinical data solution.  Each form is printed with a background pattern of tiny dots. The actual form or PRO instrument is printed directly over this intelligent pattern which is only visible as a light gray background. The pattern on each sheet has a unique identity, like a fingerprint, providing complete traceability for each PRO form on-site and in our system. The patient’s handwriting is captured on the written page, while the camera captures the handwritten strokes electronically. 

Powerful Paper

  • Validated Paper PROs with ePRO Efficiency
  • No Requalification of Paper PRO Instruments
  • A Low-Risk ePRO Approach – Paper Copy Source Document & Back-up
  • No Manual Data Entry or Site Re-Training
  • Create Fit-For-Purpose Forms with our Design Team