The Right Combination for the writeresult

Digital writing solutions have been proven to be a simple and efficient process for collecting patient-reported clinical research. A digital pen solution results in the least amount of data errors, the least amount of programming, and the least amount of training, all factors adding to the speed and efficiency of running your clinical trial. Coupled with the writeresult form image repository, processes, and robust data management, it’s the right combination for clinical trial success.

The writeresult solution enabled by Anoto® Digital Pen and Paper Technology is best suited to empower:

    • Rapid site initiations
      • Digital pen studies do not suffer from long programming lead times
    • Using written instruments are already validated on paper
      • Digital pen studies usually do not require revalidation of assessments in a new format
    • VAS scales, anatomical pictures or other novel data types are required
    • The trial population will not perform well using complex data capture devices
      • Natural writing instruments are best suited for elderly, pediatric and/or compromised patients
    • The data must be collected and cleaned in near-real time for a rapid database lock
      • Digital pen data transmissions are as simple as placing a pen in a cradle
      • writeresult best-in-class data management processes process verify, clean and transfer data continuously as per client requirements