Digital Pen

Digital Pen-based Data Capture: An Easy Alternative for ePRO

With Digital Pen technology, existing, validated Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) instruments are printed on paper specially encoded with a pattern of tiny dots enabled by Anoto® Digital Pen and Paper Technology. As the digital pen moves across the page, a camera on the pen-tip records the movement and collects data with each pen-stroke to build a visual image of the page. When the pen is docked, the data is uploaded and within minutes a complete and accurate visual image of the completed page is available for your review via the web from anywhere and at anytime. Our data management system powered by the Expedata® EDW® Platform converts the pen strokes into data that are reviewed, cleaned and reconciled with the clinical database. We then transfer the data formatted to your specifications

how it works

How Does it Work?

how it works
  • Digital pen contains a rechargeable battery, memory chip and small camera
  • The pen camera is activated when the pen is touched to paper and “reads” the pen strokes on the specially printed digital paper
  • The pen stores the pen stroke data in memory until placed in its cradle for data transmission
  • Transmissions to the writeresult are encrypted and only decoded in the writeresult system on our secure servers

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive Design - Using the digital pen to capture clinical trial data is no different than completing forms with a regular ball-point pen
  • Minimal Training – Experience has shown that a single 1-hour seminar is ample time to bring new sites up and running with digital pen-based data capture
  • Effortless Data Transmission – data transfers once pen placed in cradle

Flexible Technology - Reusable Investment

  • Digital pens may share use across different patients and different studies at the same site, or across multiple sites within same or different studies
    • Saves time and money by keeping technology on-site
    • Shortens cycle time for study start-up
    • Reduces cost of shipping  and eliminates risk of importation issues